Yes, they will understand.


Simply put, a seminar is an event where people can learn about a topic. While online training may "check that box" a seminar allows not only feedback but group discussion of the topic, and provides greater understanding to the entire group. Your own questions could be answered working alone, but the group setting will always result in concepts, questions and solutions that one person may not achieve on their own.

The Checklist.

Before we conduct your seminar, we're going to fill in our checklist. In order to provide you with the best learning opportunity, we need to ask you:

    • Who will attend?
    • Why will they be there?
    • What is the best time of day to hold it?
    • What areas or topics do you wish to cover?
    • Do you have the proper space to hold it?
    • Will you help us create the agenda? What do you hope to achieve?


        Does your seminar need to be group specific or general? As an example, are we going to be talking to marketing and finance at the same seminar, or do you have specific security questions for each area of you business?


        Does your seminar need to address digital security concerns raised by a client? Is a bank or professional college requesting compliance with a set of directives? Each will have different requirements, and we will work with you to ensure your success.


        How much time will we have? Mornings and afternoons have different challenges. Will we need to break for a meal or a snack?


        Different businesses have different areas of concern. Dealing with a financial institution requires a different set of points to discuss over a medical college.


        Will your board room be large enough, or will you need to consider another location? Equipment is not an issue, we have everything we need to perform. Just provide us the space!

        Your Goals

        The first question we will ask you is what do you hope to achieve. We'll work with you to create the agenda and satisfy those goals.

    Your seminar is important to us.

    We'll work together to help you be successful. It's what we do. Safeguarding your business and it's digital security is our goal.