Experienced, reasonable, simple and uncomplicated.

Professional offices must be secure.

Today's office must be digitally secure. The challenges of maintaining client confidentiality are readily apparent, but with more and more clients requiring heightened levels of security, offices must meet the challenge of taking their digital security to another level. It's not unusual to require "bank level" security when working for a bank, and requirements in other business areas are becoming more and more precise and security specific.


Safeguard's principals have worked in the online digital environment since the early 1990's, creating websites and e-commerce options for clients in the USA and Canada. We have built internal networks and secure environments for clients in the legal, accounting, medical, non-profit and retail fields as well as conducting usability studies for database systems. In recent years, much of our work has been in the preparation of "whole office" systems to secure confidential data.

Creating secure environments can be overwhelming to beginners. We have the experience and know how to make security reasonable, simple and uncomplicated.


Reasonable in operation, reasonable to understand and reasonable in cost. We understand that your business requires a level of security to operate, and that security should not complicate your business, nor stop the flow of production.

Working with you to make your security systems understandable is our business. You will trust us, and understand us, and we will understand your needs.


There are always options that can simplify the process of securing an environment digitally. You will be offered choices that achieve the results you are looking for in a simple and easy ti implement manner.

Our goal is to offer you multiple choices that achieve high levels of security, some complicated, some simple, all with higher levels of safety.


Let's start with your password. Technically, it is a "memorized secret authenticator", a key that is required to access secured information. Memorized is the key; your password needs to be secret and memorable so you don't need to write it down on a card kept in your top drawer or under the keyboard where anyone can find it.

We can show you how to create a password that can resist current cracking methods for billions of years, yet you'll never forget that password because you already know it.

Uncomplicated and memorable so it's not going to be found under your keyboard in in your top desk drawer.