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Digital Security is essential

Law Firms

Attorney-Client confidentiality is one of the hallmarks of our legal system. A attorney who allows an unanuthorized disclosure to happen, no matter if negligent of deliberate, is likely guilty of legal malpractice.

Both the CBA (Canadian Bar Association) and the ABA (American Bar Assocition) make confidentiality of information a top priority for everyone operating in the legal field. While the typical firm may have internal rules and procedures to protect client confidentiality, many firms may not have a full digital suite available to protect the firm from outside interests who may be attempting to infiltrate the firm's digital environment.

The digital environment includes not only the firm's servers, computers and internal network, it should also include any device or activity that involves remote access to the firm or it's digital world. Are you secure when you use a remote connection? Do you allow employees to remove data from the office to work at another location? Is your wireless environment secure? At Safeguard, we have "locked down" the digital access to law firms without making remote work possible.


Many of the largest clients of law firms are in the financial and credit fields. In 2017, TD Bank paid over $2.2 billion to recover credit losses. While unusual, during the financial crisis of 2008, Bank of America spent $36 billion on litigation expenses -- paying legal settlements, attorneys' fees, court costs, etc.

Many law firms have found that banks and other financial instituations are excellent clients. The work may be done at a somewhat discounted rate, but volume and prompt payment make this field a source of steady income. There are a large number of firms who specialize in this field, and the field is always growing. There are opportunities for both small and large firms to take part in this type of litigation. Are you ready?

Safeguard has not only “hardened” the digital access for firms in the litigation field, we have successfully navigated the myriad of interviews, forms and requirements of the bank’s IT security departments. We can help you capture some of this work. Call us.